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Hi! I’m Hilda, mother to two sons, married to Merwyn Mascarenhas who is an ace professional photographer. I am a Goan who lives in this beautiful city Pune (Maharashtra) and am proud to be a Punekar.

I’m a foodie who loves to cook for my family and friends and who in turn enjoy the delicious fare I turn out in my magical kitchen. My family motivates me to churn out interesting and mouth watering eats through my simple home cooking.

I was inspired and encouraged by my adorable children and loving husband who helped me discover this talent which must have been within me and waiting to explode. Surprisingly, the first time I cooked was after my marriage and I was amazed that I could really cook well.

After my stint in the corporate sector, for a short while I had my very own food venture called “Pick-a-Bite”. It was a fast food and Goan food outlet. The food we served had my own touch and a special twist to it.

Now I am a full time home maker and dedicate myself to a lot of cooking and baking. I also indulge in my other hobby, of making candles.

It was in early 2011  that my younger son suggested I begin blogging so that I could share my recipes with everyone. I don’t know why I did not start earlier. I suppose everything happens in its own time. So here I am, extremely excited about my new baby….

So I welcome you to my site “Hilda’s Touch of Spice.”

This is my sincere & humble effort to share my recipes with my family, friends and all food lovers. I hope beginners, interested and enthusiastic people will truly benefit from the recipes I will be putting up on “Hilda’s Touch of Spice.”


P.S : Your comments and e-mails are welcome and I will try my best to give a prompt reply. Sometimes, due to technical difficulties or busy schedules, it might not be possible for me to answer your queries/e-mails promptly. I assure you that I will definitely get back to you in due course.

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  1. Hey – you are doing a great job with your recipes, all sorts of yummy treats! tried your caramel custard – turned out well. Hello to all – TC

  2. I am sure all those Christmas goodies were great treats – will try your jujube recipe sometime after the season. Happy New Year and all the best with your blog.

  3. Hi Hilda, this is my first time on your blog and I can't wait to see the rest of it. Do you still run "Pick-a-bite" and where in Pune is it located. I would love to stop by when we're in Pune next.

  4. Hi Trisha, thanks for visiting my blog. I visited your blog for a brief while & it is impressive. Unfortunately "Pick-a-Bite" no longer exists… It was earlier located at Clover Village & Sacred Heart Town, Wanowrie, Pune. You can e-mail me when you visit Pune & we can arrange to meet…

  5. Hi Hilda, Thanks for the yummy recipes, I am definitely going to try many of them. My fly. enjoys tasty and spicy food. Could you please post recipes for Beef tongue roast if possible. I had eaten it 2 decades away at a friends place and still cant forget the taste.

  6. Dear Hilda, I want to thank you sincerely for your recipes. I was young and silly and did not learn to cook from my mum who has now passed away. When I got married my mother in law refused to share her recipes with me… same old story don't know quantity how much of this or that ingredient to put in the dish..

    However today I found you and in you my mum and her recipes and I am tearful when they turn out just right from my mum's hands and her kitchen. So thank you Hilda and God bless you for sharing your recipes with me… I am eternally grateful…

  7. Hi Hilda – being a Goan very far away from the picturesque shores of Goa and the yummy food, the Red Curry recipe was most welcome.

    Thanks Lucille Mascarenhas e Rahman

  8. Hi Hilda, did a search on "goan recipes" came across several sites, but something pulled me to look into HTOS, great blog, I simply loved it, have been sitting on my laptop for over 6 hours just going through the various recipes you have put up, I am a Goan, but hardly do any of our dishes, I am from Tanzania, so now with what I have seen & will continue to see, am sure I can put my skills to task, thanks so very very much, keep us posted, all the best in Pune!!

  9. Hello there, I tried the simple green chutney recipe, only because i never got it exactly like my mom's. Have to say your recipe nailed it. I am a fan and today have decided to try another, will keep you informed. Thanks for sharing your gift of cooking, God bless. Minai

  10. Hilda Bai
    Superb Food Blog… I just enjoy reading your recipes…Love GOAN Cuisine, the best of India's Secret… Thank you
    PS Keep up the good work…

  11. Rosy Fernandes on

    Would like to try Ice cream. What is fresh heavy cream? Could i use Amul Cream or could I use whipping cream?

  12. Hi Hilda
    This is my second email to you. I am a goan living in Recife, northeast of Brazil. Climate and vegetation is very similar to Goa. Being in the southern hemisphere the seasons are inverted. I enjoy reading your blog and would like to suggest a section/column entitled: Alternative solutions. Example here we have a lot of coconuts but no toddy tapers. Any person come with a solution to make sannas without sura ?

  13. tejaswini kadam on

    Hi! Hilda, great gown food recipes! I live in Pune too. Where do you stay? Will be great to meet if possible!

  14. Hi Hilda,

    I got married recently and my husband is manglorean , i am going to try pork vindaloo and would like to ask you to suggest some great recipes i could make for him.

    P.S. preferably spicy food.


  16. Michelle Fernandez on

    Hi Hilda,

    Can you pl share the Goan Sorpatel recipe and Goan Fish curry whenever you can…

    Michelle – Kolkata

  17. Sister N. Carvalho,fmsa on

    Hilda, you remind me of my Mums dishes. Our Goan fish curry was such a favourite. And stuffed mackerel wow !
    What I wouldn’t give to get a taste of your food here at our Mother House in Ireland.
    God bless you,
    Sister Nellie Carvalho. F. M. S. A.

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