Soya Mince with Green Peas


Soya mince is a meat substitute made from soya beans. It can be used in various preparations & is very tasty if prepared well. You can use it to make burgers, shepherd’s pie, lasagne, sausages, chilli, samosas, etc. It is especially great for vegetarians.  You need to be a little generous with the spices to enhance the flavor. My family loves it so I am happy to share this recipe with you .. Enjoy! J
Ingredients :
1 cup Soya Granules
½ cup fresh Green Peas
2 med. Onions (chopped finely)
2 med. Red Tomatoes (peeled & chopped finely)
1 tbsp. fresh Ginger paste
2 tbsps. fresh Garlic paste
1 tsp. Red Chilli pwd.
2 fresh Green Chillies (finely minced)
½ tsp. Turmeric pwd.
1 tsp. Garam Masala pwd.
½ tsp. roasted Cumin pwd. (Jeera)
A pinch of Sugar
A pinch of Nutmeg pwd.
4 tbsps. Vegetable Oil
Salt to taste
Water as required
A handful of fresh Coriander Leaves (roughly chopped)
Lemon/Lime (quartered)
Method :
Wash & soak soya granules as per packet instructions.
Heat a pan/wok with oil till hot.
Reduce heat & saute onions till soft & translucent.
Add in the green chillies, turmeric pwd. & stir.
Next add ginger-garlic paste, all the masala powders mentioned above & saute well on low heat till the rawness disappears.
Slide in the chopped tomatoes, sugar & cook till tomatoes are completely soft.
Now add the soya granules & mix well.
Let it cook for about 2 mins. Keep stirring occasionally.
Pour in about ½ cup water & let it cook for about 5 minutes on med. heat.
Then add the green peas, mix well & let it cook on sim for another 3 mins.
Adjust salt to taste & gravy consistency as desired.
Garnish with chopped fresh coriander & quarters of lime.
Serve with pulao or your favorite roti or bread.

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  1. /I like Soya Mince a lot .. combining it with peas is a great idea.. will def try it for lunch tomorrow

    Glad to follow you 🙂 Looking forward to see more such interesting recipes from you !

  2. My family loves this recipe! Yesterday I served it to friends. We were eight and not a single crumb was left 😉 Only happy faces after dinner!

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