Pan Fried King Fish


The key ingredient in this pan fried fish is the home-made Goan Rechado Masala Paste. It brings out the taste of the distinctive aromatic spices used in my hometown Goa. This Pan Fried King Fish is excellent not only as a starter but goes well on the side with Steamed Rice & Dal Fry. But we Goans love to have it with Rice & Fish Curry. Each time I make this with different fish & sea food. We just can’t have enough of it! This recipe is always a winner. One of my favourites from the bounties of the sea…
Ingredients :
·         5 slices King Fish (Surmai)
·         1 tbsp. Goan Rechado Masala Paste
·         ¼ tsp. Turmeric pwd (Haldi)
·         Salt to taste
·         Wheat flour
·          3 tbsps. Vegetable Oil
Method :
Wash & drain the King Fish slices well.
To this apply rechado masala, turmeric & salt to taste & let it marinate for about 25 mins. Take sufficient wheat flour on a plate.
Roll each fish slice in the flour making sure it coats each slice well.
Heat a fry pan with oil on med. heat.
Slide the slices gently into the pan & fry well.
Flip gently & fry well on both sides. Make sure it cooks through.
Serve with wedges of lime.
Note : The Goan Rechado Masala Paste Recipe is posted earlier for Goan Stir Fry Prawns.

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