Steamed Caramel Custard


Who doesn’t love Caramel Custard !!! Oh! the rich & velvety smooth custard with the smothering of the golden caramel is a sight to behold. The delicate caramel custard with the sweet gentle flavor of vanilla is elegantly unmoulded  with great finesse on to the plate. It is just so heavenly & irresistible. Every bite just melts in the mouth… I always steam it & every time I unmould it successfully, I feel elated & can’t help admiring its dainty perfection.. I share this recipe with great love with all you lovely people. Do try this & let me know your views. J
½ litre Thick Creamy Milk (lukewarm )
4 Eggs
Granulated Sugar to taste
A pinch of Salt
1 tsp. Vanilla Essence
¼ cup Granulated Sugar for the Caramel
To prepare Caramel :
Take a heavy bottomed pan ( steel  or aluminium) & heat ¼ cup granulated sugar with 2 tsps. water.
Heat till you see the melted sugar turning to a nutty brown golden caramel syrup. 
Immediately pour the caramel into individual ramekins or desired moulds. 
Quickly swirl the moulds so that it coats the sides too & keep aside to cool.
To prepare the Custard with Caramel :
Now whisk eggs in a bowl till light. 
To this add sugar, milk, a pinch of salt & vanilla essence. 
Stir well to combine. 
Strain this mixture using a fine strainer in another bowl. 
Pour this strained mixture gently into moulds lined with caramel upto ¾ of the mould. 
Boil water in a steamer. 
Place the filled moulds gently in the steamer & steam covered for about 20 mins till the custard is firm. 
If using a large single mould then steam for about 30 mins. 
Remove from the steamer & let it cool down completely. 
Then chill in the fridge for about 45 mins. 
Unmould gently & serve.
Tips & Variations :
Flavoring : You can use vanilla bean or Cardamom pwd. as per your preference.
Test by inserting  a tooth pick in the center. If it comes out clean the custard is done.
You can bake the caramel custard if desired.
To bake : Place the mould in a large, deep baking pan. Pour hot water into the baking pan till it is 1” below the rim of the mould. Cook for about 45 mins. or till the custard is firm.
If preferred, you can serve the caramel custard warm.
To unmould : Place a plate over the mould, hold firmly in place & turn gently. The pudding will turn over onto the plate, caramel side up!
Steaming in a pressure cooker : Steam like you steam idlis but cover the mould & steam without the whistle.

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  1. Hi
    M going to try making your caramel custard but m wondering should i cover the mould with foil before steaming as water might drip onto the custard from the lid of d steamer??

  2. Hi hilda,,,, Thank you sooooooooooo much for sharing your receipes with us…. excellent receipes and gud job,,, i keep trying something or the other from your receipes…. would appreciate if you can please put up the receipe of goan prawn balchao pickle please

    Thanks from
    Joanita Monteiro of Karachi – Pakistan

  3. Thank You Very much Hilda love all your recipes , tried some Goan recipes too …. Delicious Caramel custard.

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