Striped Coffee Jelly Pudding


What’s better than hot steaming cuppa of brewed or instant coffee on a hot summer day? This lovely, unique Coffee pudding!!  Most people love coffee all the year through .. Many cannot resist on cold wintry days & when its pouring cats & dogs, like it is today (feel like curling up in bed with a novel & a huge mug of coffee). Coffee shops mushrooming at every nook & corner serving your favorite beverage adorned with a swirl of whipped cream or that velvety foam of a perfectly frothed Cappuccino… a reason to meet up for a conversation with friends or a business deal! This refreshing pudding can be relished anytime .. Though many may not replace their their morning latte or mocha with this pudding but will however, reach out for this gentle chilled dessert to end a perfectly satisfying meal. When you look at this striped coffee pudding , it is very hard to resist even if you are not a die hard fan of coffee.. This dessert is perfect for entertaining as it can be made well in advance & kids will just love it!! Sharing is caring so you are most welcome to share with the ones you love the way I do.. J
Ingredients :
½ tin Sweetened Condensed Milk (Milkmaid)
4 regular teacups Water
8 tbsps. Instant Coffee
4 tbsps. Sugar
4 tbsps. Unflavored Gelatin
Garnishing :
Whipped Cream & Cherries (optional)
Method :
Soak gelatin in one cup water.
Dissolve by heating over a pan of hot water or in a double boiler.
Dissolve coffee powder in the remaining three cups of hot water. Divide the coffee liquor into two equal portions.
Add half of the dissolved gelatin and sugar to one portion.
Keep aside this black coffee jelly.
Add sweetened condensed milk to the other portion of coffee along with the remaining gelatin. Mix well to get milk coffee jelly mixture.
In a small loaf tin pour 1/2 inch layer of black coffee jelly & chill until set.
Then pour a ½ inch layer of milk coffee jelly over the set black coffee jelly. Chill in the fridge again.
Stir each of the jelly well before layering.
Similarly, alternate layers until both the jelly is used up. Chill until set.
Dip loaf tin in hot water to loosen the coffee pudding. Invert & unmould gently onto a plate.
Cut into sufficiently thick slices. Serve chilled with whipped cream & decorate with cherries if desired.
Tips & Variation :
You can layer it in individual bowls or use different shape bowls for layering if you wish.
Soaking the gelatin in normal water for a few minutes before heating helps dissolve the gelatin uniformly.
Use condensed milk according to sweetness desired.

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