Steamed Fish with Onions & Tomatoes


This steamed fish is very tasty, delicious & bursting with flavor. My family loves this preparation. It is very light on the stomach & low in calories but high in nutrition. Each time I use fillets of various fish  & an assortment of vegetables. We love to dip & soak pieces of bread/pav in this sumptuous gravy & enjoy this tender & delicate fish. I am sure you too will enjoy this steamed fish with onions & tomatoes which is very easy & a quick fix meal.. J
Ingredients :
6 fillets of Rawas (Indian Salmon)
¼ tsp. fresh Ginger-Garlic paste
1 tsp. fresh Lime juice/Vinegar
1/3 tsp. Turmeric pwd.
2 med. Onions (cut into thick round slices)
2 med. fresh red Tomatoes (cut into thick round slices)
1 med. Green Capsicum (deseeded, discard membrane & sliced)
2 fresh Green Chillies (slit)
2 tbsps. Olive Oil
1 Celery stick with leaves (minced finely)
A handful of fresh Coriander leaves (chopped roughly)
Sprinkling of Pepper pwd.
A pinch of Sugar
Salt to taste
Water as required
Method :
Wash fillets of rawas; drain thoroughly & place in a bowl.
 Apply ginger-garlic paste, turmeric pwd., lime juice & a little salt & marinate for about 15 mins.
Then take a flat dish/bowl / pressure cooker container & arrange the layers
First a layer of onions, then capsicum, tomatoes & then fillets of marinated fish.
Follow up with another layer of onions, capsicum  & tomatoes.
Now place the slit green chillies sprinkle minced celery, sugar, pepper pwd., olive oil, chopped coriander & salt to taste.
Pour sufficient water for steaming & to get some soupy gravy. Cover the container with a lid or with foil.  
Steam in a steamer for about 25 mins. till the fish & vegetables are cooked & tender. Remove from the steamer & let it sit for about 5 mins.
Serve hot with steamed rice, noodles or with bread.
Enjoy!! Bon appétit!
Tips & Variations :
You can use as many fillets as you wish & arrange in several layers & steam.
You may use assorted vegetables or vegetables of your choice.
Potatoes & carrots enhances the taste further & makes the dish more colorful.
You may use a bamboo steamer or steam in a pressure cooker without the whistle like the way you steam idlis.
Using a pinch of sugar cuts the acidity in tomatoes.

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