Strawberry Delight


I love the combination of China grass & jelly. This is a super quick delicate dessert  which is low on calories. It is truly delightful & melt-in-the mouth. You can prepare it even without jelly. It is a very elegant dessert to serve & your guests will feel special. Today we had a few friends over for lunch & they loved it. They felt I spent a lot of time & effort to prepare it & were amazed when I shared the recipe with them. Every time you are happy with yourself or with your family just prepare this divine treat & you will receive a lot of compliments & smiles.. J
Ingredients :
100 gms. China Grass (Strawberry)
500 ml . fresh Milk
100 gms. Strawberry Jelly Crystals
250 ml. Boiling water
250 ml. Cold Water
Whipped Cream for topping
Whole strawberries for garnish/decoration
To prepare Strawberry China Grass Pudding :
Boil fresh milk.
Add China grass to boiling milk & stir vigorously till completely dissolved.
Take the pan off the heat.
While still hot pour into a flat dish or in individual cups/bowls/mould. 
Fill the dish/cups/ bowls to ¾ level.
The pudding will set within 10 minutes without refrigeration.
To prepare Strawberry Jelly :
Dissolve the contents of the packet in boiling water & stir till the liquid jelly is clear. Take the pan off the heat; add cold water & stir well.
Let it cool completely without refrigeration.
To assemble the Strawberry Delight :
Gently pour the cooled strawberry jelly on the set China grass pudding.
Transfer the dish/cups/bowls/mould to the fridge for setting & chilling.
Serve cold in the bowls itself or unmould & serve topped with whipped cream.
You can decorate & garnish with fresh strawberries (whole/sliced) if you wish.
Variation :
You may alternate the layers of jelly & china grass to make it colorful & attractive.
You may use any flavor & combination of your choice & fruits of the season.

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