Chicken Paté Sandwich


This Chicken Paté Sandwich is so moist & melt in the mouth. It is ideal as a light work lunch, a mid morning snack or great at a picnic. Children will love this in their tiffin box & may even enjoy it whenever they are hungry.You can relish this whenever & wherever you feel like having a sandwich. This sandwich is healthy, filling & is just wonderful for a quick breakfast, coffee break, evening tea or simply enjoyed as a meal at dinner with a bowl of hot soup. It is lovely to serve at parties. The paté can be prepared fresh in minutes with a little pre-preparation & the sandwiches can be assembled easily. These no mess sandwiches will delight your guests too .. Enjoy! J
Ingredients for the Chicken Paté :
2 Chicken Breasts (tender & boneless)
3 tbsps. Mayonnaise
½ tsp. Traditional English Mustard Paste (optional)
1 tbsp. fresh Cream
2 tbsps. fresh Cucumber (grated)
1 stick fresh Celery with leaves
Salt & Pepper to taste
Method :
Wash the chicken breasts well.
In a sufficiently large pot place the chicken breasts in sufficient water, a little salt & bring to a boil.
Skim off the scum which rises to the top.
Boil till the water runs clean & the chicken is tender.
Test if the chicken is cooked through by inserting a knife through it. Alternatively you may cut the breasts in smaller pieces & boil.
If there is any stock remaining in the pot then strain & reserve for soups or gravy if desired & transfer the boiled chicken to a bowl.
Let the chicken cool completely.
Shred or chop the chicken roughly & pulse in a food processor/grinder till fine with celery .
Transfer the contents to a bowl & combine well with mayonnaise, mustard paste, fresh cream, grated cucumber, salt & pepper.
Blend well to form a fine thick paste.
Your chicken paté is ready to prepare fresh sandwiches & rolls.
To prepare the Chicken Paté Sandwich/Roll :   
Apply a thin layer of butter evenly on both the slices of bread.
Spread the prepared chicken paté thickly & evenly on both the buttered slices of bread. Club together with the filling & prepare a sandwich.
Make sure to cut the edges of the sandwich neatly & evenly using a sharp knife or with a pair of kitchen scissors.
Then cut into triangles or squares & serve.
Note : The highlight of this sandwich is the grated cucumber. The cucumber helps in retaining the moisture in the sandwich.

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