Gajar Ka Halwa


Hurrah!! Today is my 100th post!! I started blogging since 4th July, 2011 (American Independence Day) & I’m extremely happy I did! It has been fun all the way since my very first blog post.
I distinctly remember when I posted my first recipe “Chicken Mushroom Quiche” & the response I received for it.. I realized that I am here to stay in Blogosphere..
Today is a very special day for me  & I am in a celebratory mood.. my 100th post is in the Christmas week & I would like to celebrate it with the most popular & traditional Indian dessert.. Gajar Ka Halwa..
This Carrot Halwa is especially for all my friends, well wishers, members, followers, fellow bloggers & visitors of my blog who continue to love, support, motivate & encourage me in my quest for new recipes & sharing all my favorite, precious, tested & loved recipes!
I will continue my culinary journey of bringing to you all the delectable & delicious food so that you can try out & enjoy with your loved ones.. Thank you once again & continue following “Hilda’s Touch of Spice.” Bon Appetit! J
Ingredients :
500 gms Carrots
150 gms Sugar
100 ml Milk
50 gms. Khoya (optional)
1 tbsp. Amul Pure Ghee or Homemade Ghee/Fresh Cream
Mixed Dry fruits (raisins, cashewnuts, pistachios, almonds)
½ tsp. fresh Green Cardamom & Nutmeg pwd.
A pinch of Salt
Silver Varak (Silver Foil) (optional)
Method :
Cut the tops of the carrots. Peel & grate the carrots with a hand grater or a food processor. ( I used a food processor).
Heat a thick bottomed  broad pan with ghee. (I used my pressure cooker pan).
Lightly fry the  mixd dry fruits & keep aside for garnishing.
In the same pan, lightly fry the grated carrots on low heat for about 2 mins.
Keep stirring continuously so that it is uniformly fried & coated with ghee.
Add milk & stir. Let it cook on medium heat till the milk is almost absorbed.
Then add sugar & salt; keep stirring till the sugar is dissolved completely & the carrot mixture is almost dry.
Add in the crushed khoya & stir for about 5 mins.
Sprinkle cardamom & nutmeg powder & stir well for about 2 mins.
Switch off the flame & let the carrot halwa settle for a few mins. so that the flavors meld. Serve warm garnished with reserved dry fruits & silver varak.
You may also serve with vanilla ice cream if you so prefer.
Tips & Variations :
You may adjust sugar to taste or use condensed milk if you like it very sweet.
You may add extra khoya if you like the gajar halwa rich.
Instead of frying pistachios & almonds you may sliver them using a dry fruit slicer & garnish while serving.
For a light carrot halwa, do not add khoya but use milk or a tablespoon of fresh cream.
Instead of ghee, you may use fresh cream.
Do not over cook the halwa; a little crunch is always better. You may reduce the quantity of milk or avoid it to retain a little bit of crunch.
Always use a thick bottomed pan to avoid burning of the halwa.

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