Alle Belle (Goan Coconut & Jaggery Pancakes)


Alle Belle is a delicious soft & melt- in- the- mouth sweet Goan pancake. It is a very simple & quick preparation.

I remember the times when my grand mother would prepare & serve at evening tea. I would look forward to this wonderful pancake on my return from school. The house would be filled with the sweet aroma & the sight of these pancakes arranged beautifully on a platter would delight  me! You just cannot be satisfied with just a couple of these. My grandmother would prepare a big stack of these Alle Belle & I would be happily gorging on them.

Each time I prepare these, it brings back fond memories of days gone by… Now, people prefer patronizing fancy bakeries serving baked snacks & pastries across the counter while we enjoyed & felt satisfied with homemade wholesome eats prepared with love.

Bring back the authentic flavor of delicious, fresh & traditional pancakes on your table & delight your family with the ever loved Alle Belle… 😀

Ingredients :

For the Pancake :

  • 250 gms. Maida
  • 2 Eggs (lightly beaten)
  • Salt to taste
  • Water as required for the batter
  • Oil/Ghee/Butter for coating the pan for each pancake

Procedure for the Pancake Batter :
In a sufficiently large bowl, sift the maida along with salt.

Add the beaten eggs & water to prepare a sufficiently thin batter. The batter should be of dropping consistency like dosa batter which can spread easily.

You may even use a smaller or even a larger pan; depending on the size of the pancake you would like to prepare.

Heat a med. size frying pan till hot & add/brush just enough oil to coat the pan. Do not add too much oil.

Pour a ladle of the batter & immediately roll the pan along with the batter.

Make sure it coats the pan evenly & sufficiently thick.

If the coat is too thin then the pancake will break. The batter should hold well.

Cook only on one side for about a minute or try & lift with a spatula. If it tends to lift easily then it is done.

Over turn the pan to flip the pancake on to the plate.

Prepare all the pancakes with the batter in this way.

For the Filling :
Mix together the below mentioned ingredients  & keep aside to fill the pancakes.

  • 1 big fresh Coconut (scraped)
  • 3 Goan Pyramid Palm Jaggery or to taste (grated or broken into fine pieces)
  • 4 pods Green Cardamom (powdered)

Assembling the Alle Belle with the Filling:
Place a pancake on a plate.

Place sufficient coconut –jaggery filling in the centre & fold both the sides inward so that it overlaps; making sure that the filling is well covered or roll like a swiss roll.

Fill all pancakes in this way & place gently on a serving platter.

Serve at tea time & enjoy!

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