Plum & Pomegranate Ice Popsicles


This summer, I thought of making ice popsicles/candies/lollies in a very simple way which would involve the minimum amount of time & effort. The easiest way is to use ready fruit juices available in tetra packs & bottles.

While I was shopping in the supermarkets I came across Real Plum Juice & Pomegrate Juice & thought of using it to beat the heat by making ice popsicles. I filled the juice in popsicle moulds & VOILA!!! …. within a few hours we were enjoying these lovely frozen colorful ice lollies/popsicles. It was so refreshing !

This is a great activity for children this summer to keep them busy with some creativity. They will surely be proud of making their own favorite ice candy.

So here are the beautiful photographs… to encourage you to go right away & start filling & freezing your very own fresh fruit juice ice candies. Keep Coooooool this summer. 😀

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