Crème Caramel Rainbow Cake


Yesterday, I was in a celebratory mood… actually it’s a dual celebration! Now you may ask what is this celebration I am speaking about? … So here it is … Hilda’s Touch of Spice has crossed 200 posts & 2 lakh pageviews! Now doesn’t this call for a dual celebration? So I baked this awesome cake which is a combination of crème caramel & rainbow cake! Both these being our all time favorites…

This cake is so elegant, colorful & attractive to serve as a dessert at all celebratory occasions… especially children’s parties. In fact, it will definitely be a novelty if you consider baking it as a Birthday Cake!

Just look at the Crème Caramel Rainbow Cake … isn’t it a beauty? Well, now you may say the procedure is elaborate but it is a breeze if you organize well. This sumptuous & delectable cake is just for you my dear friends & visitors. Thank you for your love & support. It really feels good when you stop by & feels wonderful when you try out the recipes I post. Happy to share my happiness with you… Enjoy! 😀

Crème Caramel Rainbow Cake

Adapted from ‘Suri Manis’

For the Caramel :

  • 4 tbsps. granulated Sugar
  • A few tbsps. Water

To prepare caramel… Put the sugar in a round 9 inch baking tin. Heat the tin over low heat until the sugar dissolves & turns golden. Turn off the heat & swirl the tin gently so as to spread & coat the tin with caramel evenly. Keep the tin aside. You will need it later to assemble the cake…

For the Caramel Layer :

  • 3 Egg Yolks (Reserve the whites for the cake)
  • 2 Whole Eggs
  • 140 gms. Sugar
  • 400 ml. Milk
  • 1 tsp. Vanilla Essence

To prepare the caramel layer…In a sufficiently large bowl, gently mix together egg yolks & eggs. Do not agitate to form bubbles. Gradually add in sugar, milk & vanilla essence. Mix gently. Sieve the mixture in a clean bowl & keep aside to be used later.

For the Rainbow Cake :

  • 3 Egg Yolks
  • 130 ml. Water
  • 50 ml. Vegetable Oil
  • 70 gms. Sugar
  • 140 gms. Cake Flour
  • 1 tsp. Baking Pwd.

In a sufficiently large bowl, beat together egg yolks, water, oil & sugar until light & fluffy.

Sift together cake flour & baking pwd. Add in 2 to 3 additions in the egg yolk mixture. Mix gently & well after each addition of flour.

To whisk Egg Whites :

  • 6 Egg whites (Reserved from the caramel layer & the above rainbow cake ingredients)
  • 70 gms. Sugar
  • 1 tsp. Cream of Tartar

In another sufficiently large bowl, mix egg whites, sugar & cream of tartar. It is better to use an electric hand mixer or kitchen aid.

Whisk on high till double in volume & stiff.

Fold in the well beaten egg whites into the above prepared beaten egg-oil mixture in 3 additions but gently.

Divide the batter into 3 parts & color them… Purple, Pink & Green. You may use colors of your choice…

To assemble the Crème Caramel Rainbow Cake :
First, gently pour the prepared crème caramel mixture in the tin with the cooled caramelized sugar.

Now it is time to assemble the cake…

First, gently add 6 tbsps. of Purple cake batter in the centre of the liquid crème caramel mixture. The batter will float around so now this is the test of patience! You need to follow it around.

Then spoon in 6 tbsps. of Pink cake batter & pour in the middle of the purple batter… again you will see that the batter will keep moving around & you have to be really patient & follow it…

Then, spoon in 6 tbsps. of Green cake batter in the middle of the pink batter. Try to get it as close as possible in the centre. You will notice that the batter will spread & it will be quite easy to aim for the middle.

Do 2 rounds of 6 tbsps. then lessen it to 5 tbsps.for 3 rounds & after that 4 tbsps. for another 3 rounds & finally 3 tbsps. until the batter is finished.

Bake in a water bath at 150C for about an hour.

The cake will spring back on touch when it is ready.

Cool it for 15 mins. in the oven with the oven door ajar.

Then take it out & let it cool for another 30 mins.

The cake will loosen itself from the tin.

To unmold & Serve :
If you like to enjoy it warm then invert & unmold the cake on to a plate; slice & enjoy or if you like it cold then chill it in the fridge, invert & unmold on to a serving plate, slice & serve.

Enjoy your beautiful Crème Caramel Rainbow Cake… 😀

Tips :

  1. To prevent water from seeping into the tin, cover the bottom of the tin with foil or place supports below the tin.
  2. In case you do not have purple & green colors this is what you do to get them…

Just mix …
Blue + Red = Purple
Blue + Yellow = Green

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