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One of nature’s perfect gift to us is “Bananas”. Bananas are pre-biotic, have antacids & protective health benefits. They are so nutritious, healthy & full of energy & yet many try to avoid this wonderful, humble fruit which is so delicious with natural sugars. Even doctors & dieticians do not encourage consumption of this fruit. For that matter, even I am advised to avoid it. But I absolutely adore bananas & eat them. My maternal grandmother loved bananas. There was no need to ask her which fruit was her all time favorite. She ate them plain or with curds. She would eat at least 3-4 bananas in a day & she lived till she was 94!

We normally buy a full bunch of bananas irrespective of the number in a whole bunch … more the merrier! We do eat them in their natural form but since we buy a very big bunch every time, I make fritters or use them in a trifle/fruit salad or make banana muffins/bread. But our all time favorite is the Banana Milk Shake!  We do have banana milk shake for breakfast & we are happy to enjoy it throughout the year. There is no specific time in a day to relish this magical fruit.

Whenever I feel low on energy, I like to eat a banana to boost energy. This way I do not have to rustle up something in the kitchen plus I do not want to indulge in fast food or oily snacks when I am hungry. It saves time, energy & fuel. This is the way my grandmother handled my hunger & cravings. She told me that it is really good for school & college kids, working people, athletes & people who are trying to cope up with so many health issues. She explained the importance of eating bananas in such a simple way… I never understood then but I now realize the simple fundamentals to good health.  Another delicious alternative to eating a very ripe banana & not wasting it is to use it in a milk shake…

In India, people who fast do not skip but readily eat bananas. They make sure they include bananas in their fasting diet. In fact, they eat quite a few throughout the day! Bananas are cheap & also considered as fruit for the poor. The poor survive on this wholesome, nutritious & energy boosting fruit. When people serve food to the poor, they make sure that they include bananas & it is so very right to do so. I am aware of so many poor families who do not have access to cooking aids or cannot afford to have a daily balanced meal but survive by eating bananas.

Every part of the banana tree is useful to mankind… to eat healthy we steam our food in banana leaves & cook with raw bananas. The banana fruit, flowers, stem, leaves & the entire plant is especially used in Indian cooking, rituals & religious functions. How can we ignore or look down upon it when it gives us so much? Mankind should seriously give it a rightful place & feel proud to see it in their fruit basket, place it on the dining table & serve it with love to their family & loved ones! If we give it its due & consume it in moderation at the right time then we do not even have to go for expensive medication which is created using chemicals in the laboratory & which may have side effects!

Bananas will support your health & beauty, cover your daily energy needs besides they do taste great & are good for you. How about eating a banana? Just peel the naturally packaged banana which is so simple & pure… enjoy & relish its goodness… your body will definitely thank you for it! If you prefer a milk shake then just go for it…

Did you have your quota of banana today? … Here’s a simple recipe which can be fixed in a jiffy!! 😀

Ingredients :

  • 2 ripe Bananas
  • 500 ml. Milk (chilled)
  • 2 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream (optional)
  • 2 tsps. Sugar/Honey  or to taste
  • ¼ tsp. Vanilla Essence
  • 4 to 5 Ice Cubes (optional)

Procedure :
Peel & chop bananas & place in a mixer/blender.

Add ½ cup of chilled milk & blend to a fine smooth puree.

Add the remaining chilled milk, sugar or honey, vanilla ice cream, vanilla essence & ice cubes & blend to make a frothy milk shake.

Pour into tall glasses or your favorite glass & serve immediately.

Tips :

  1. If you are adding in vanilla ice cream then there is no need to add vanilla essence & sugar.
  2. You can top the milk shake with some chopped bananas, if you so prefer.
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