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Watermelon is a great thirst quencher. Externally as well as internally it has such vibrant and refreshing colors. Just cut open a watermelon and you can’t help admiring its glorious beauty. A watermelon is truly an oasis in the hot sweltering heat of summer. It hydrates and uplifts your spirits. It is so delicious when you bite into the fresh crunchy fruit. Natural, sweet and so pure… What a melon!!! Eat it in its natural form or enjoy the fresh juice… it is pure bliss!

As a child, whenever I spent summer vacations in Goa, the watermelons gave us respite from the killing heat of Goa. There were some watermelon fields close to our house and the fruit was smaller than a foot ball so each of us would get a whole fruit. They had a dark green exterior and a dark red interior. They were the sweetest and juiciest watermelons. We would cut it in half, scoop with a spoon to eat and then use the empty shells as caps! We would dry the seeds and pass our time opening and eating the white seeds. There was no television to entertain us then, so we had to find ways of spending time fruitfully. Oh! Those sweet memories only to cherish…

Well, it is watermelon time again. We are enjoying this gorgeous summer fruit in its natural form and incorporating it in fruit salads and juicing it too. This is what I made the other day and thought of posting it even though it is a breeze and most of you are familiar with. I must say this could be a great summer activity for children to spend their vacations fruitfully!

The watermelon I used to make this refreshing juice did not have many seeds so it was not a task to tackle single handedly. It was very juicy, sweet and tasty so I did not add water and added just a dash of sugar. Surprisingly, I could cut out hearts and stars with a cookie cutter. Usually, I make cut outs when the fruit is pulpy but this was an exceptional and well behaved watermelon. Even though it was very juicy, it was firm enough to make cut outs.

Enjoy summer with this refreshing thirst quencher full of vitamins… Cheers! 😀

Ingredients :

  • 5-6 cups fresh Watermelon (discard the rind, deseed & cube)
  • 1 tsp. fresh Lime Juice (for extra zing but optional)
  • Sugar to taste (if the watermelon is not sweet enough)
  • ½ cup Water (if the watermelon is pulpy & has less juice)
  • 1 tsp. Rose/Strawberry/Raspberry Essence (optional)
  • A pinch of Salt

Procedure :

Combine all the above mentioned ingredients in a blender.

Blend until totally pulverized. It should take about thirty seconds.

Pour the watermelon juice in a pitcher or pour directly into tall chilled glasses, over ice.

Serve immediately.

Garnish to make it look glamorous.

Use wooden skewers to thread fancy edible cut outs and alternate with grapes or as you wish to make it look pretty.

Note: Always drink fresh juice; the moment it is prepared. The juice will separate with time so just stir it up when it happens.

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