Cream of Spinach Soup


Spinach is a wonderful green leafy vegetable and can be used to make many interesting and lip smacking eats. I like to buy fresh spinach even though the pre-preparation is a little bit tedious. I usually get a very large bunch or sometimes two bunches. I use it in my bakes, cook it as a vegetable and prepare soups.

Many may not like spinach; especially children are not very fond of it. An interesting way of including spinach in your regular diet is by making cream of spinach soup. I prepared this delicious and nutritious spinach soup which is packed with vitamins. Since the monsoons have begun in our part of the world, this soup is ideal in this weather to maintain good health.

Easy and quick, cream of spinach soup requires a little pre-preparation. It is a good idea to prepare the spinach puree and white saucein advance so that you can use it at short notice. It is a simple vegetarian soup which needs a few minutes to prepare and less than 20 minutes to cook.

This rich, smooth and creamy soup requires few ingredients and is perfect at any time of the year. It can be made with fresh or canned spinach but it is always better to use fresh ingredients to enjoy and relish its goodness. The texture and the luscious green color of the soup will be appealing to the eye and children will find it inviting and irresistible. Just be prepared to serve an extra helping of this soup.

To make it low calorie, eliminate the cream or use light cream and reduce on the butter. This soup is comforting and will keep you and your family warm in this rainy weather. Cream of Spinach Soup is delicious and satisfying as a light dinner with croutons.

Make it once and I’m sure you will want to make it often – all through the monsoons and during the cold winter months. Keep healthy and warm with a comforting bowl of soul satisfying Cream of Spinach Soup! 😀

Ingredients :

  • ½ bunch fresh Spinach Leaves with tender stalks(pick, wash, blanch & puree)
  • 1cup White Sauce
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Water as required

To Serve :

  • 1/3 cup fresh Cream
  • Bread Croutons

Procedure :
Blend spinach puree, white sauce with enough water in a saucepan/soup pot.

Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to minimum.

Add salt and pepper to taste and give a good stir.

Simmer for a few minutes.

Serve hot with a swirl of fresh cream and croutons.

To prepare Bread Croutons :
It is preferable to use a day old bread slices to prepare croutons.

You may deep fry or toast in the oven if you like.

Here is an easy, quick and healthy version of preparing bread croutons…

Apply butter sparingly on the bread slices.

Toast both sides of the bread slices on a tawa/flat skillet/griddle until crisp and lightly golden.

Cut the toasted slices into triangles or cubes.

Serve with the prepared Cream of Spinach Soup.

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