Kori Kachpu (Chicken in grated Coconut)


This is my first Mangalorean recipe on my blog. I have tasted Mangalorean food but this is my very first try. The preparation is very simple and all the ingredients are easily available in the kitchen. Kori Kachpu tastes delicious with freshly scraped coconut. I think it would taste wonderful if it is served with cocktails.

This recipe is on request by Dolphy D’souza. Fortunately, this time when I was on vacation in Goa, we dined at a friend’s place who had prepared Chicken Kachpu. I liked the preparation and our host was kind to share the recipe with me. Little did I know that there would be a request for this Mangalorean preparation.

I hope this is the recipe you are looking for dear Dolphy and I hope you enjoy it as much as my family did. 🙂

Ingredients :

  • 500 gms. Chicken (cut into pieces)
  • 1 tbsp. fresh Garlic paste
  • ½ tbsp. fresh Ginger paste 5 flakes Garlic (peeled & finely minced)
  • ½ inch piece Ginger (peeled & finely minced)
  • 3 fresh Green Chillies (finely minced)
  • 2 med. Onions (peeled &sliced;/diced )
  • ½ tsp. Garam Masala pwd.
  • A dash of Vinegar or to taste
  • 3 tbsp. Refined Cooking Oil
  • Salt to taste
  • A large handful freshly scraped Coconut or to taste

Procedure :
Wash the chicken pieces well and drain completely.

Marinate the chicken pieces with ginger-garlic paste in the fridge for about 2-3 hours.

In a sufficiently large pan/handi/dekchi, heat oil and sauté the onions till lightly brown.

Add the minced garlic, ginger and green chillies and sauté on low heat till the rawness disappears.

Add the marinated chicken and sauté till the the chicken is lightly brown on the outside.

Add about ½ a cup of water and let it cook till almost dry.

Sprinkle garam masala powder and fry for a few seconds.

Add a dash of vinegar and salt to taste. Stir well to combine. Taste to check the seasoning.

Finally toss in the freshly scraped coconut and give it a good stir.

Serve piping hot garnished with some more scraped coconut.

Enjoy with your favorite Indian bread, dosas, neer dosa, bread, pav or serve on the side with pulao or steamed rice and curry.

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