Chicken Kathi Roll


Kathi rolls taste divine & is a great Indian fast food. It is very popular in Pune. It is ideal for your tiffin box, picnics & parties. It works great as a snack or an entire meal. You can prepare this at home with minimum oil if you like.
I love the way the street vendor prepares it too though they are a little liberal with the oil & spice. Earlier we would love to stand at the kathi cart & enjoy biting into the kathi roll, savouring the aromatic stuffing, tearing apart the wrapper & gulping Thums Up or Coke. Ohhh! Those wonderful times… While I write this, I am so very tempted to run to that cart… J

Ingredients for the Dough :
·         2 cups Wheat Flour
·         ¼ cup Maida
·         2 tbps. Curds
·         1/3 tsp. Baking Pwd.
·         Salt to taste
·         Water
Preparation of the Dough :
Mix the wheat flour, maida, baking pwd & salt together. Mix curds with a little water & add to the dry mix & knead. Then add a little water at a time & knead to form a dough which is soft & pliable. (Good exercise for your arms). J Cover the dough with a damp cloth & let it rest for about 20 mins. Roll out circular moderately thin chapattis/parathas with the dough. Half roast the chapatti on both sides on a tawa or griddle without oil & place in a casserole to keep soft & warm. It will be used later to assemble the roll. Alternatively you can prepare the dough using a food processor like the way I did.
Ingredients for the Filling :
·         2 Chicken Breasts (boneless)
·         2 fresh Green Chillies (cut finely)
·         1 tbsp. fresh Garlic paste
·         1 tsp. fresh Ginger paste
·         ½ tsp. Turmeric pwd.
·         3 med.Onions (sliced finely)
·         2 med. Capsicum (deseeded & sliced finely)
·         2 tbsps. Coriander pwd.
·         ½ tsp. roasted Cumin pwd.
·         1 tsp. Garam Masala pwd.
·         ½ tsp. Chaat Masala pwd.
·         ½ tsp. Red Chilli pwd.
·         ¼ tsp. Pepper pwd.
·         1 tbsp. Curds
·         2 tbsps. juice of fresh Lime
·         4 tbsps. Vegetable Oil + Oil for the omelettes & chapattis
·         A pinch of Sugar & Nutmeg pwd.
·         Salt to taste
·         4 Eggs
·         Chopped Coriander leaves (for the filling + garnishing)
Preparation of the Filling :
Wash & drain the chicken breasts. Cut the chicken breasts into thin strips or cut them into small cubes. Marinate the pieces of chicken with ginger – garlic paste, turmeric pwd & some salt for about 25 mins. Heat a wok with oil on med. heat. Put the marinated chicken in the wok & stir fry. Now add green chilli, garam masala pwd., chaat masala pwd., cumin pwd., coriander pwd., pepper pwd., red chilli pwd. & stir well. Then add curds, sugar, nutmeg pwd. & mix well. Let it cook for about 5 mins. Transfer to a bowl. To the same wok add the sliced onions & capsicum & stir fry & toss from time to time & cook for about 2 mins. Then add the cooked chicken & stir fry for another 2 mins. Make sure the chicken is moist, tender, cooked thoroughly & dry. Adjust salt to taste. Take it off the heat & add lime juice & chopped coriander leaves. Stir well & keep aside. Break the eggs in a bowl. Beat it slightly. Add a pinch of salt & pepper.  Keep aside.
Assembling of the Paratha/Chapatti with the Omelette :
Heat a tawa/griddle (preferably non stick) on med. heat. Add 1 tsp. oil to the tawa. Slowly pour in ¼ of the egg on the tawa & place the chapatti on it & rotate it with your hands in a quick motion so that the egg sticks to the chapatti. Gently insert a spatula underneath the omelette & flip it over. Let the chapatti cook evenly on both sides. (Do not cook the chapatti for too long as previously it was half cooked. Also apply a little oil on the chapatti so that it remains moist but not crisp. Make all chapattis in the same way & stack it in the casserole to keep it soft & warm. All the chapattis should have the omelette clinging to it.
Assembling the Chicken Kathi Roll :
Place the chapatti in a plate with the omelette side up. Place the chicken filling in the centre of the chapatti & dot it with some mint chutney. Place some sliced raw onions, thin wedges of tomato & some chopped coriander leaves. Drizzle some more mint chutney if you like. Roll up the paratha with the chicken stuffing firmly making sure the chicken pieces stay intact. Prepare all the rolls similarly. Wrap the rolls with a tissue paper, cling film or foil. Eat it warm.
 If you are preparing for a crowd then prepare the chapatti with the omelette & serve the filling & accompaniments separately so that your guests can assemble their own kathi roll according to their choice.

Tip : Marinating the chicken overnight or for several hours enhances the flavour.

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