Prawn Fried Rice


Earlier I was not very good at preparing fried rice. It used to be a big mess. But after several attempts, I started improving at it gradually. Now I am a lot better. I make fried rice whenever I have leftover rice in the fridge. As always, I have  plenty of vegetables, chicken or seafood handy at home. But this Prawn Fried Rice is made with freshly cooked & cooled rice. A one pot meal is always welcome in my home & what better than this aromatic & yummy dish. I am happy to share this popular version of my fried rice with you & I’m sure you will love it too…J

Ingredients :
·         4 cups cooked  White Rice  (preferably left overnight in the fridge)
·         150 gms. fresh Prawns (shelled & deveined & washed)
·         1 tsp. Ginger-Garlic paste
·         4 fresh Shallots (chopped)
·         1 cup Cabbage (sliced)
·         ½ cup Carrots ( diced finely)
·         4 tbsps. Vegetable Oil
Seasoning :
·         2 tsps. Light Soya Sauce
·         2 tsps. Dark Soya Sauce
·         ½  tsp.  Chinese Rice Vinegar
·         A pinch of Sugar
·         Salt & Pepper to taste
Method :
Cook & cool the rice thoroughly.
Marinate the prawns with ginger – garlic paste & ¼ tsp. light soya sauce for 20 mins.
In a large wok heat vegetable oil till hot.
Add the prawns & stir-fry till the prawns are just cooked & keep aside.
To the same wok add carrots, cabbage & shallots (reserving few for garnishing), a pinch of sugar & stir-fry briefly.
To this then add cooked & cooled rice & toss for a while.
Now add light soya sauce, dark soya sauce, rice vinegar & keep tossing on high heat.
Reduce the heat to med. if desired.
Finally add the fried prawns; mix & toss from time to time.
Now add the reserved shallots & toss again.
Season with salt & pepper.
Serve steaming hot.
Variations :
·         You can add a mix of vegetables of your choice.
·         Add eggs if desired. Use plain scrambled eggs or make a plain omelette & cut into shreds & add along with the prawns.
·         Use prawns whole or chopped in pieces.
·         You can  use a little cornflour in the marination if desired.
            ·         For a slightly moist fried rice use few tsps. of vegetable, prawn, chicken stock
                   as per your preference.
Note :
·         It is extremely important that you don’t overcook rice; grains must be separate after cooking . The grains should be cooked but must have a bite.
·         In case the rice has too much starch then pass quickly through running water.
·         Cool rice helps to retain the whole grain while stir-frying.
·         The wok must be really hot for stir-frying & tossing.
·         Avoid prodding the rice with a spoon; try & toss the rice to retain the grain.
·         If you do not have a large wok, prepare it in smaller batches.

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