Cheesy Vegetable Puffs


Vegetable puffs, in fact any puffs are a wonderful snack option for the days you want something quick to make yet super yummy. Unfortunately, puff pastry is not available in the supermarkets in India. You will be really lucky if any bakery is willing to sell puff pastry.. which is rare. But with a little effort you can make your very own special & unique puff pastry & feel joyous about your achievement.

The recipe for the puff pastry posted today is very simple, easy & above all can be prepared with very little fat. The fried vegetable puffs are not at all oily. These puffs are delicious. It’s a great anytime snack & you will feel elated while serving your guests at parties too. You will definitely want to make these over & over again.

I am very happy to share this recipe with you .. Enjoy with a cup of tea or masala chai! J

 Ingredients :
For the Puff Pastry :
250 gms. Refined Flour (Maida)
30 gms. Rice Flour
30 gms Butter
45 gms. Ghee
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying
For the Filling :
2 large boiled Potatoes (peeled & cut into small cubes)
100 gms. Paneer (grate or cut into small cubes)
¼ cup Sweet Corn niblets
¼ cup Green Peas
Few Cashew nuts (chopped)
1tbsp. fresh Ginger (grated)
2 fresh Green Chillies (roughly crushed)
¼ tsp. Garam Masala pwd.
30 gms processed Cheddar Cheese (grated)
1 tsp. Butter
Salt to taste
A handful of fresh Coriander (chopped)
To prepare the Filling :
Boil the peas & sweet corn niblets  in sufficient water till tender. Drain out the water. Mix together potatoes, paneer, corn niblets, green peas, cashew nuts, ginger, green chillies, garam masala pwd., cheese, butter, salt & coriander leaves with a fork or with your hands.
Mix it up well but lightly.  (Make sure you do not mash it up completely).
Your filling is ready to fill in the puff pastry.
To prepare the Puff :
Mix flour, a pinch of salt & ghee till it resembles bread crumbs.
Add enough water to bind to a smooth dough. Knead well.
Roll small portions of the dough into thin round discs like puris on a floured board.
For making each puff, you need three thin round discs.
Apply a little butter on one disc & sprinkle a little rice flour over it.
Place the second disc on the first one, again brush some butter on it & sprinkle rice flour on it.
Place the third disc but do not apply butter & rice flour on it.
Instead, place one tbsp. filling on the disc.
Seal the inside edges with a little water carefully.
Fold over diagonally to form a triangle.
Press the two edges a little inside the border.
Similarly, prepare all the puffs.
Deep fry in hot oil on a low heat till crisp.
Drain out the oil thoroughly with a slotted spoon & place on absorbent tissue paper.
Serve with your favorite green chutney & tomato sauce/ketchup.

Tips & Variations :
You can fill them with filling of your choice & shape them as you wish.
Make sure the oil is at the right temperature at all times while frying; cold oil will turn it soggy & too hot oil may not cook the pastry through.
Adjust spice to taste.
You may bake them if you like .. but I fried these puffs.

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