Kaju Katli


Kaju Katli is a delicious treat for any occasion. It is super tasty & very addictive. You just cannot be satisfied with a piece or two. This is a traditional mithai which is very rich & high in calories. It is an exotic mithai/sweet which is prepared on all important festival & family functions.

It is the most famous sweet of North India. It is easily available in all mithai shops in India but the joy & satisfaction when you make it at home is something to be experienced. This awesome lip smacking mithai is so easy & simple to make. In fact, you can prepare this lovely mithai just within a few minutes.

Today’s recipe is the classic Kaju Katli flavored with the queen of spices – Green Cardamom & covered with Silver Leaf/Varak. Home made Kaju Katli is loved by every one.

So here is Kaju Katli… Just for YOU!  Enjoy the festive season of Diwali… 😀

Ingredients :

  • 1 cup Cashew nuts
  • ½  cup Sugar
  • ¼ cup Water
  • 5 pods Green Cardamom freshly powdered
  • Silver Varak/ Silver Foil for garnishing

Procedure :
Grind cashew nuts to a fine dry powder in a grinder without stopping the mixer/grinder.

In a deep thick bottomed pan or preferably a non stick pan dissolve sugar in water & heat to bring to a one string consistency.

Add the cashew nut powder, stir completely & heat on a low flame.

Add green cardamom pwd. Stir continuously.

When the mixture starts leaving the sides & starts forming a thick mass, put off the flame.

Keep stirring for a few seconds & transfer the dough to a tray/bowl.

When the dough turns warm to handle, knead well till you attain a smooth ball.

Roll the dough between two plastic sheets to ¼ inch thickness.

Place silver varak/foil on the prepared kaju katli.

Cut into diamond shapes & leave to set for about 15 mins.

Then separate the pieces & arrange on a serving plate.

Enjoy your fresh Kaju Katli! 😀

Tips & Variations :

  1. It is important to bring the cashew nuts to room temperature before converting it into a powder, if they were in the fridge.
  2. To test if the sugar syrup has reached one string consistency, pour a few drops of syrup in a small bowl containing water. It should lay in a fine thread which does not dissolve in water immediately when you touch it.
  3. It is better to knead the dough on a clean kitchen platform/ counter top to attain a smooth lumpless dough.
  4. If the dough has turned dry then just use a few drops of milk or water at a time & knead completely with each addition.
  5. If you use milk then refrigerate it or it will not have a long shelf life! But I’m sure the kaju katli will disappear quickly as it is so tasty & addictive!!
  6. You may add saffron if you like some color in your kaju katli.
  7. You need perfect precision to lay the silver varak/silver foil on the kaju katli.
  8. To make it easier, cut the silver varak into 4 pieces with the butter paper intact & then lay it on the katli.
  9. The key to perfect smooth & melt in the mouth kaju katli lies in the art of kneading the dough well.
  10. Be gentle & use light movements of your fingers & palms. Besides, over kneading will make it release oil.
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